CBT Training Prices

  • Motorcycle Courses - CBT Training - 1 Day Course

    This course is aimed at novice riders to teach them the basic skills to ride safely on the road. It is a legal requirement to complete this course.

    16 yrs - 50cc only
    17+ yrs - up to and including 125cc


    Course includes moped/motorcycle hire
    Course using own moped/motorcycle


    Own machine must have current tax, insurance & MOT.
    The above prices include CBT Certificate (DL196)
    Maximum 2 pupils per one instructor.





    Arrival time 8:20am to start at 8:30am
    Course finishes approx 3:00pm


    Your driving licence (Photocard & Counterpart)
    Boots or strong shoes
    A warm and waterproof jacket
    Lunch and a drink

CBT Training Information

  • Compulsory basic training, or C.B.T for short, was introduced in December 1990 for all moped and motorcycle riders. Obtaining your C.B.T is a legal requirement. It will enable you to ride your motorcycle on public roads as a learner. The course introduces you to basic riding skills and road craft. We run our CBT ever day apart from Christmas day and have a maximum of 2 pupils to each instructor. If you are worried about not having ever been on a bike before, then don't. Our C.B.T starts from scratch and we assume little or no motorcycling experience. During the day we will cover the following:

    All learner motorcyclists and moped riders must satisfactorily complete compulsory basic training (CBT) before riding on the road SILVER BIKES is an approved training body (ATB) using a site approved by the DSA for off-road training and with instructors who have passed the relevant DSA course.
    SILVER BIKES offer hire of appropriate motorcycles and mopeds as well as safety helmets and insurance cover is in place. The CBT course syllabus includes 5 elements. The duration of each element will depend on individual trainees' performance:

    Element A - Introduction (30 min approx)
    Eyesight Test*
    Legal Requirements for riding a motorcycle on the road
    Aims of course
    Equipment & Clothing
    *The course will not continue if eyesight test is failed

    Element B - Practical on-site training (45 min approx)
    An introduction to the motorcycle you will be using
    Control Positions and their use
    Basic machine checks including side & centre stands, wheeling, braking, starting and stopping the engine

    Element C - Practical on-site riding (2 - 3 hours)
    Riding including clutch control and gear changing
    Indicating & maneuvering including rear observation, lifesaver shoulder checks & the OSM/PSL routines
    Moving off, stopping at kerbs, turning left and right, junctions, roundabouts and u-turns

    Element D - Practical on-road training (45 min approx)
    Knowledge of 'The Highway Code'
    Rear Observation
    Road positioning
    Effect of weather conditions and road surfaces
    The use of conspicuity aids
    Vulnerability of motorcyclists
    Correct speed for road and traffic conditions
    Consequences of aggressive attitudes
    Importance of hazard perception
    Dangers of drug & alcohol use

    Element E - Practical on-road riding (2 hours minimum)
    Put into practice everything learnt in Elements A - D
    Demonstrate competence and safety in range of road and traffic conditions
    Training to include:
    Traffic Lights
    Pedestrian crossings
    Carry out the U turn correctly
    Bring the machine to a stop under full control as in an emergency

    On satisfactory completion of all five elements, a Certificate of Completion of Training (DL196) will be issued and is valid for two years validating the provisional licence with which it must be kept and produced at the first motorcycle test.